Confiscated $ 1.5 billion of Viktor Yanukovych and his “criminal gang” was obtained illegally and invested in government securities, after which placed on approximately one hundred Bank accounts.About that today at the briefing said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

“The money was invested by members of the criminal organization under a special scheme in government securities, which had a rather serious interest for using. After they were arrested, the paper passed in the form of money, including annual interest rates, which was stipulated in the agreements,” – said Lutsenko.

“Why is this procedure (the transfer of funds to the single Treasury account of the state Treasury – ed.) going on for so long? Because we are talking about hundreds of accounts, which members of criminal group of Yanukovych placed securities,” he added.

According to Lutsenko, today, the transfer of the confiscated funds to be completed.

Answering the question of what is the meaning of “Yanukovych’s money”, which today by the court are listed in the budget, and who else is involved, Lutsenko reminded that the GPU is the case under article 255 (creating criminal organization), which is suspected Yanukovych, Kurchenko, Klimenko, Watermelons, several other influential persons of the past.

In this case, according to Lutsenko, there are a lot of ways, including embezzlement of funds in Ukrtelecom. “On this episode yesterday, the court had directed the petition absentia conviction Arbuzov,” – said he. According to Klimenko, the court has already allowed the in absentia conviction, the same decision of the GPU is waiting for Kurchenko and other suspects.

“In the course of investigation investigated the question of the criminal way of embezzlement of state budget funds through securities, which were purchased with funds obtained by criminal means, then using those securities actually were legalized, even with a major percentage in the currency,” he said.

“Funds stolen in various ways on the territory of Ukraine by the then government, through nearly 500 companies have withdrawn from the Ukraine. Through a series of offshore companies were the world sink” – said Lutsenko.

“They pop up in Cyprus, and for the most part – on the territory of Latvia. From there, the funds went to Ukraine and uncontested only those members of a criminal organization bought specifically released to address these same members of the WA government bonds with 8% per annum in foreign currency”, – said the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko said that during the investigation of this episode, one of the suspects “gave full testimony to the leadership of a criminal organization, and methods of embezzlement of funds at a particular firm, their accounts and transactions around the world and their further use in Ukraine”.

According to Lutsenko, it is because of these facts Kramatorsk, the court decided to confiscate the money “criminal organizations Yanukovych”, which in 2014 were frozen in accounts of Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Exim Bank.

28 April 2017 the Council reported that $1.5 billion in the accounts of Yanukovych and his team confiscated and already in the coming budget. Lawyer Yanukovych denies involvement of his client to the seized funds.

$1.5 billion: Lutsenko explained that it means, “Yanukovych’s money” 28.04.2017

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