Leave major Iraqi city of Mosul from the militants of the terrorist network Islamic state – from nine to 11 thousand dead. This is with reference to statistics from local morgues, messages gravediggers and volunteers writes the Associated Press.

“It was the biggest assault on the city over the past few generations. Killed thousands,” said Chris woods, head of the Airwars non-governmental organization, which is engaged in documenting aviation and artudarov in Iraq and Syria.

As specified in AR, most of those killed in the period from October 2016 to July 2017 – victims of the actions of the militants, but the Iraqi army and coalition air forces were responsible for the deaths of at least 3200 in the result of civil aviation, art and mortar attacks.

Journalists emphasize that the number of victims among civilians is almost 10 times more than previously thought.

Photo: EPA

“The number killed in the nine-month battle for the city is not recognized neither in the coalition headed by the United States nor the government of Iraq or the so-called Caliphate”, – stressed the Agency.

The coalition claim that they have insufficient resources to conduct a large-scale investigation, and recognize only the 326 deaths that were the result of their actions.

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The bodies so far recovered from the rubble of destroyed houses in Mosul. As expressed in the Ministry of health of the country, most of the bodies “just broken.”

The Iraqi military, with the support of the coalition led by the United States, liberated Mosul from is militants in July 2017. Storm Yes-facto capital of jihadists in Iraq lasted nearly nine months.

After grueling fighting in a dense urban environment the destruction suffered large areas of Mosul, killed thousands of civilians and hundreds of military and fled from the war to safer areas of about 1 million inhabitants.

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“10 times more than previous estimates”: how many were killed during the assault on Mosul 20.12.2017

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