18 Nobel laureates signed a petition against the decree banning trump for 90 days of entry into the United States citizens seven Islamic countries.

Among the signatories: the Nobel prize in physics, Philip Anderson (1977), David gross and Frank Wilczek(2004), in physiology or medicine Harold Varmus (1989), Eric Viscous (1995), Linda Buck (2004), Andrew FIE (2006), Jack Szostak (2009), Randy Schekman (2013) and Edward Moser (2014), in Economics Robert Lucas (1995), Roger Myerson and Eric Maskin (2007), Alvin Roth (2012), Eugene Fama and Lars Hansen(2013), Angus Deaton (2015), Nobel peace prize winner Professor Jody Williams (1997).

Just over two thousand representatives of science strongly opposed by the US President Donald trump decree restricting immigration from some Muslim countries.

On Friday, trump had signed a decree that banned for 90 days from entering the US, the citizens of seven Muslim countries – Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia. The indignation of this decree have already expressed Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg. The Internet company Google encouraged its employees that are outside of the United States, to return to the country as soon as possible because of this decree.

Five passengers from Iraq and one from Yemen was denied boarding on a flight EgyptAir from Cairo to new York on Saturday after the signing of the trump of the decree.

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18 Nobel laureates signed a petition against the decree trump 29.01.2017

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