British company OpenSignal has published a ranking of countries according to the speed of the mobile Internet and the penetration of 3G/4G networks in the world. Ukraine has among the worst indicators of access to networks.

According to the study, the ranking of penetration of 3G/4G networks Ukraine 94-I 95 countries: only 44,81% of the country covered with high-speed mobile Internet. The lower figure only at the co-operative Republic of Guyana with 36.5% of the territory coverage.

The penetration rate of mobile Internet Ukraine lags behind all neighboring countries, except for Moldova: Poland – 88,68%, Romania – 87,06%, Hungary – 85,31%, Slovakia – 74,26%, Belarus – 74,53%, Russia – 73,11%.

In the Top 5 this indicator has hit South Korea – 98,54%, Japan – 95,52%, Israel – 95,23%, Australia – 94,6%, Singapore – 94,42%.

At an average speed mobile Internet (including 3G and 4G connections) Ukraine – on the 67th with a rate of 5.78 Mbps. This is one of the worst in Europe. Ukraine surpassed only Bosnia and Herzegovina (5,61 Mbps).

Another rating metric is use Wi-Fi. OpenSignal has determined how much time in percentage of users access the Internet via wifi and not mobile Internet.

According to this indicator, Ukraine – 53 place from 48.7%. The three leaders on the use of Wi-Fi included the Netherlands – 70,05%, China – 63,16% and New Zealand – 62,96%. Least this connection is shared in Ethiopia – of 15.55%.

Company OpenSignal makes measurements using the same app installed on smartphones users worldwide (iOS and Android). For this ranking we used data 12.4 billion measurements from 823 thousand smartphones for the period from 1 may to 23 July 2016.

3G, Wi-Fi and speed: Ukraine is at the bottom of the rankings OpenSignal 18.08.2016

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