In Ukraine, 42% of companies are specialists with a degree in MBA. This became known as a result of research conducted by the International personnel portal

Most often professionals with a degree in MBA – executives or employees in managerial positions at the level of divisions and branches. And 7% of Ukrainian enterprises employees work with a degree in MBA in various positions, the press service of the company.

It is noted that more likely to find work – from experts and masters than bachelors (people with basic higher education).


It is also reported that the level of education is not the main factor when applying for a job, but still plays an important role in the success of the applicant.

The education level of the candidate does not matter only for every fifth employer. The rest somehow interested in this issue. Least likely to prefer bachelors: only 7% of companies are willing to hire people with a diploma of basic higher education.

The greatest success among employers for specialists and masters (30%), as well as students and people with some College education (43%).

This approach is the explanation. As a rule, employers wish to see in the company of highly educated professionals, ready to take a serious position. And education here, if it is not a guarantee of success of the expert in this position, it gives the expert a certain status in the eyes of subordinates and colleagues.

There is another trend: employers are more willing, and often little money, take students in the hope of a few years to professional, keen to work in this company.

Employers also pay attention to additional education of applicants. Only three out of a hundred do not take into account courses and trainings that held by the applicant.

More than half especially appreciate the extra education if it is relevant to the job and the work ahead. Another third if the education supported by the necessary skills and experience. But only for 8% it is important to present the certificate.

Data were obtained as a result of the survey conducted by the Research center of International HR portal in December of 2016. The survey involved 235 employers from different regions of Ukraine.

42% of Ukrainian companies are specialists with MBA 30.01.2017

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