Spain’s national court issued the subpoenas in the name of Carles Pokdemon, who was dismissed from the post of President of Catalonia, as well as another 13 members of his government. About it reports Radio Freedom.

On interrogation have called them on 2 and 3 November.

The court begins to consider the charges against former regional officials in the mutiny, incitement to mutiny and embezzlement of state and public money because of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

Pujdeme is located in Brussels. He stated that he agreed to early elections, appointed by the government of Spain on December 21. He also said that he would not ask Belgium for political asylum.

The leader of Catalonia said that it would not long remain in Brussels, and will return as soon as you get “guarantees” from the Spanish authorities.

Previously, the Supreme court of Spain summoned the acting speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia Karma of Forcades.

October 31, Spain’s constitutional court temporarily suspended the proclamation of the independence of Catalonia in accordance with the request of the government.

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A court in Spain has caused Pokdemon suspended for questioning 01.11.2017

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