Almost four thousand civil servants were dismissed in Turkey on Saturday during a new round of purges that followed the attempted military coup against President Erdogan in July 2016. This is the BBC.

According to the decree, published in state Gazette T. C. Resmi Gazete, their posts are devoid of 1127 staff of the Ministry of justice (including prison guards), more than a thousand soldiers, 484 research workers, 201 officers of the Ministry of religious Affairs and other officials – a total of 3974 person.

All lost their jobs listed in the decree by name.

The state of emergency imposed in Turkey after the coup attempt, allows you to enter new restrictions.

In the same issue of the T. C. Resmi Gazete published a decree banning the popular Turkish TV show about Dating and weddings. “On radio and TV can’t be allowed the existence of programs that introduce people to find a couple of them”, – stated in the decree.

Earlier today, the Turkish authorities have blocked access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

16 APR 2017 Turkey held a referendum, which were the issues of amending the Constitution. More than 51% of Turks voted for the transition to a presidential Republic.

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A lot of cleaning in Turkey: day 4 dismissed thousands of civil servants 30.04.2017

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