In court on shootings on independence ongoing interrogation of the victims. Victor Kushnir in his testimony said that the Institute received a gunshot wound in the arm, the correspondent

Answering questions from the prosecution and defence Kushnir said that the shot was from the side of the hotel Ukraine, and not from above, and from under the walls of the hotel. The victim said that lifting at the Institute saw the armed security forces under the hotel building.

Asked by the prosecution if he had heard the warnings from the security forces that will be fired, Kushnir said: “Warnings were not any. Heard the shots.”

He also said that the protesters on the Maidan moved up the Institute is to recover the boundaries of the camp, broken after the storming of the Maidan on 18 February.

According to him, the protesters wanted to reoccupy October and the barricade near the upper exit of the metro Khreschatyk.

Kushnir stressed that no weapons or Molotov cocktails he had with him was not. The court also reviewed the testimony of four victims who are unable to appear in court. The next hearing will start at 11h30 on 30 Dec 2018.

2 Oct Pechersk district court chose a measure of restraint in the form of a night of house arrest for former Deputy chief of the public security Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Pogotov who is suspected of counter-protesters.

A matter of independence: the victim said the gunfire of security forces 26.12.2017

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