Astronomers aerospace Agency has published an impressive photograph of a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Ophiuchus – Abell 2163, which is approximately 2.7 billion light years from the Sun. The posted in photoblog NASA.

“The spirit of the exciting photos from the Hubble telescope galaxies glow like fireflies. Shimmering swarm of space fireflies is a rich cluster of galaxies called Abell 2163”, – admired scientists.

Abell 2163 is one of the most studied clusters of galaxies because of the unusual intracluster medium (“core” clusters) with “exceptional properties”, including a large and bright were radiohalo and extremely high temperatures and x-rays.

“This is the hottest cluster in the Abell catalogue, where about four thousand clusters,” – said NASA.

Click to see big photo in the original size:

The mass of such clusters of galaxies can reach 100-10000 trillion solar masses.

Monitoring clusters like Abell 2163 help scientists to study the properties of the so-called dark matter and the phenomenon of “gravitational lenses”.

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“A swarm of space fireflies”: NASA has shown galactic cluster 18.12.2017

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