Yesterday, 20 December, the Lithuanian government banned the use of the Russian software company Kaspersky Lab in the bodies of state power and infrastructure projects. This is stated in the press service of the defense Ministry of Lithuania.

According to the authorities of the country on the Baltic sea, which borders with the country-occupier, the software company from Russia is a “potential threat to national security”.

On the advice of the experts of the National centre of cyber security, ACCORDING to Eugene Kaspersky, the company needs to promptly be replaced by “safe equivalents”.

As explained in the Lithuanian defense Ministry, the restriction on the use of software Kaspersky Lab in state institutions (including on objects of power system, in the financial and banking sector, transport infrastructure and in other areas) will be reflected in the legislation.

Earlier from software Kaspersky refused US authorities and great Britain, and in Germany, while there is nothing suspicious in it have not found.

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In 2015, the Russian hackers according to WSJ sources, stole the data on cyber defence of the NSA after one of the outside contractors of the Department brought secret files on your home PC on which was installed the antivirus of Kaspersky Lab. The source suggests that the hackers gained access to the NSA database via this software. About the kidnapping only learned in the spring of 2016, and experts say that we are talking about one of the most serious cyberattacks in recent years.

In September 2017, the US authorities without explanation banned all Federal agencies to use any program and products of “Laboratory”. The Kremlin was outraged. The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky has repeatedly denied involvement in the incident with the NSA and any other fact cyber-espionage in favor of Russia. He agreed to testify before the Committee on science of the U.S. Congress, which was postponed indefinitely.

In early October, the US Senate demanded an emergency hearing about a possible Russian hackers stealing confidential data and software of the NSA.

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“A threat to national security”: software Kaspersky Lab banned in Lithuania 22.12.2017

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