In the hands of journalists got the archive materials of the company Appleby Isle of man: unknown source gave the documents to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which shared them with the International consortium of investigative journalists. This time the investigation was brought 382 journalists from 96 media from 67 countries, including from Ukraine.

Appleby is one of the most prestigious and largest companies providing services for registration of offshore companies, which conducts a rigorous inspection procedure of their clients. She was considered one of the most “pure”, often refusing to provide services to clients from around the world, regardless of their status or position. This is the main difference from the files of Panama Papers to a new investigation of violations and schemes to tax evasion significantly less.

In materials with Paradise Papers 13.4 million files to 6.8 million from the company Appleby. The files are dated from 1950 to 2016. Clients of Appleby – politicians, members and surroundings of Royal families, celebrities and athletes. The largest number of customers of offshore companies, according to a new archive, – from the United States (over 30 thousand). Using offshore Appleby, who appears in Paradise archive – material

American offshore

While the US is in full swing the investigation of Russian interference in American elections and the relationship of the environment of Donald trump with the officials of the Russian Federation published the files provided for spectracolor of this investigation Robert Mueller new information. According to files with the “Paradise Islands”, the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross has business links with representatives from the environment of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specifically, Ross has a share in a Russian shipping company Navigator Holdings, through which it collaborates-in-law of Putin. The U.S. Secretary of Commerce later year tenure as retained investment in a shipping company and then receives income from the cooperation with the Russian company. Its stake in Navigator Holdings Ross kept with a chain of companies in the Cayman Islands.

In total money in offshore holding at least 13 other administration officials trump: Secretary Rex Tillerson (was owned by an offshore company, which was engaged in development of oil and gas in Yemen), chief presidential adviser on economic Affairs Gary con (offshore 20 companies associated with the investment Bank Goldman Sachs), Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the US Federal reserve Randall Quarles, advisors trump Thomas barrack, Jr., and Carl Icahn, CEO of Blackstone Group Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire chief sponsor of the Republican party, Geoffrey Palmer, other sponsors of the party, Paul singer, Steven winn, Robert Mercer, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers.

In files Paradise the Papers are also the names of the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, former head of NATO in Europe, General Wesley Clark, American singer Madonna and Hollywood actress keira Knightley.

Ukraine offshore

The new batch of offshore documents with about a dozen names from Ukraine, including Petro Poroshenko. A year and a half ago, after the publication of the Panama archive, the President and his lawyers claimed that offshore is the way to pass the confectionery business (Roshen) in a blind trust. However, according to the materials of the heavenly archives, Poroshenko wanted to use offshore not to display the business in a blind trust or selling it, and for tax optimization. Offshore company, most likely, needed to avoid the payment of taxes in case of sale of a business or profit from it. Such conclusions were made from the correspondence between the representatives of the President of the company Appleby Isle of man. This company refused to work with Poroshenko, after which he appealed to the Panamanian Registrar of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca. It was his archive became known as the Panama Papers.

Another name from the archive – Sergei Alekseenko, a top Manager of Naftogaz. For his company offshore has become a way of withdrawing currency abroad and avoid foreign exchange restrictions in force in Ukraine. We are talking about the Pioneer Foundation, which lasted 14 months. This scheme could be attracted by Alfa-Bank and account Alexenko opened in the Bank of Cyprus.

In Paradise the archive is also companion of the fugitive President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Anton Prigodsky. According to published materials, he bought through an offshore company Malta the 37-foot yacht Santa Maria T, which is more than €13 million through the purchase via my Maltese TUC company limited, he was able to avoid paying value added tax (about 30% of the yacht).

Russian planes and investment of the Kremlin in the social network

In Paradise archive appears much less names of Russian officials and oligarchs, than the Panama, which may indicate a really thorough check of customers in Appleby. However, some names from Russia are brothers Rotenberg, Oleg Deripaska, Marina Sechin (ex-wife of the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin), and two state Duma Deputy Alexei Zubov and Mr blocky. Involved in the investigation of the Russian Novaya Gazeta reports that the Russians are mainly addressed in Appleby for the same service – registration of private aircraft, as well as for investing in real estate in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In addition, journalists from the published materials it became known that the investor social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has financial ties to two Russian government companies, VTB Bank and Gazprom. Financing was carried out with the participation of the son in law of Donald trump Jared Kushner.

VTB Bank have been transferred to the investment Fund DST Global $191 million the Fund the money 2001 bought a stake in Twitter. Gazprom financed offshore company, which also collaborated with DST Global invested in Facebook. The founder of DST Global, a Russian millionaire Yuri Milner.

Elizabeth II

According to published data, the services of offshore companies used by Queen Elizabeth II. She kept in offshore £ 10 million ($13 million). In these services, there is nothing illegal, said the ICIJ, but still they pose a threat to the reputation of Her Majesty and the British crown. Means the Queen was invested, including, to the leasing company BrightHouse, which, according to the indictments, profiting from the poor. In addition, funds invested in Threshers – British chain of stores, which after owed 17.5 million pounds, and left without a job six thousand people.

Germany: former Chancellor consulted Appleby

Reporters found that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder held a managerial role in offshore companies. In 2009, he was part of the so-called independent Supervisory Board of Russian-British energy company TNK-BP. This company was founded jointly by the British BP and Russian Alfa-Group, and founded, like many other joint oil enterprises in the virgin Islands. Schroeder was addressed to Appleby to clarify some legal aspects of legal entities on these Islands. According to Heavenly securities, this happened in 2011. Appleby refused to offer their services because of a conflict of interest with another client, say the journalists.

At the end of this year, Schroeder has left the Supervisory Board of the company, and in 2013 it was absorbed by Rosneft. Schroeder came back, he was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rosneft few weeks ago.

ICIJ says that in cooperation with Appleby was seen not only schröder but also such German companies as Sixt, Deutsche Post (DHL), Siemens, Allianz and Deutsche Bank.

Canada and the main message of Trudeau

When Justin Trudeau was going to become Prime Minister of Canada, he has repeatedly said that the economic and tax justice will be the cornerstone of the programme of his Cabinet. However, to bring this program to life, had to resort to the help of offshore companies. One of the advisers to Trudeau, Stephen Bronfman, who contributed to his victory, actively invested in opaque financial structure in the Cayman Islands, the Kolber Trust. with investment capital of €52 million the report noted that Bronfman and his company, Claridge, Kolber provided interest-free loans. Such loans between related parties have evidence of tax violations.

In General, according to published materials, the richest people of the world to hold offshore around €8 trillion. Paradise archive, as previously Panama, showed that offshore Empire is much bigger and more complex than expected before. The creation of offshore companies may have a legal purpose, but they are often used for tax evasion and concealment of large sums of around the world. Each new publication of such documents – more, as the liver of the bigger names. And even companies like Appleby who had previously been proud of a spotless reputation, are at the center of the scandal of the world scale. Published in the archives contains numerous ways by which companies and individuals can evade taxes. In Appleby journalists The Guardian the inquiry was answered that “the company denies any wrongdoing as their own, and their customers, but recognizes that is not sinless and ready to participate in any official investigations.”

The main question to which sum all investigative journalists, and which arises after these publications – should offshore be banned at the legislative level. It concerns equally and Ukraine, where a year and a half ago, the President, after the publication of the Panama Papers, stated that he was preparing reforms that will prevent the use of offshore companies.

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A world without secrets. Paradise Papers reveals global corruption 06.11.2017

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