Controller financial services Abu Dhabi (FSRA) has developed new rules for combating money laundering in the sale of tokens, classifying them as securities and other goods, writes CoinDesk.

Published yesterday, the nine-page circular includes cases when the sale of tokens falls within the definition of security in accordance with the law of Abu Dhabi or beyond. This definition may vary from project to project, so the Agency urged organizers in the region “as soon as possible to contact us in the Fund raising process”.

According to the circular, the tokens are not treated as securities, and will be treated as goods, along with cryptocurrencies. As a result of their trade is not regulated by FSRA. This definition FSRA results in accordance with the decision of the Commission on trade in commodity futures of the USA.

Yesterday it became known that France is also developing rules for the regulation of sales of tokens on ICO.

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Abu Dhabi settled rules ICO 12.10.2017

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