The Ukrainian national memory Institute (the Institute) has published on its website a map of acts of vandalism against Ukrainian monuments in Poland and Polish in Ukraine.

According to the maps, over the last three years in Poland were destroyed or desecrated 15 Ukrainian monuments, none of which was recovered. At the same time in Ukraine in 2017, the victims of vandals were four Polish memorial object, however, they were restored at the expense of the Ukrainian side.

As noted in the Institute, of the 15 victims of the Ukrainian monuments in Poland, three were destroyed, five damaged and seven painted. “The Polish side does not restore memorials Ukrainians, attacked. These acts of vandalism remain without consideration Polish law enforcement bodies”, – emphasized in the Institute.


April 26, 2017, the representatives of the Polish nationalist organizations was dismantled in the cemetery of the village near przemyśl Rusovici a funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA. The Ministry of culture of Poland said that this action is legal. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry called the incident “blatant provocation in the eve of celebration of 70th anniversary of the criminal action “Vistula”.

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Ukrainian Institute of naramata in response to the demonstrative destruction of the monument in Gruzovikah stopped the legalization of the Polish memorial sites in Ukraine.

Acts of vandalism of monuments in Ukraine and Poland: published map 04.05.2017

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