Airbus is developing an action plan for minimizing the production’s biggest airliner the A380 in case you will not receive a key order from Dubai airline Emirates. About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

“If the deal with Emirates is not enclosed, Airbus will start the procedure for termination of production of the A380,” said an informed source. One of the suppliers said that such a decision is logical due to weak demand for the liner.

Airbus and Emirates declined to comment. Airbus also declined to say how many people are employed in the project.

Curtailing production is expected to be gradual, allowing Airbus to fulfil orders already received, mainly from the Emirates.

While the aircraft manufacturer has enough orders to continue the production of the A380 before the start of the next decade at the current rate of production.

To develop the A380, commissioned ten years ago, it spent 11 billion euros. Liner with a capacity of about 500 passengers had to compete with the Boeing 747.

However, the demand for the A380 in recent years has decreased, as the airlines prefer a more compact twin-engine planes that are easier to fill and cheaper to maintain.

Negotiations between Airbus and Emirates about a new order for 36 aircraft A380 worth $16 billion were stopped at the International air show in Dubai in November 2017, it is believed that they have since resumed, however, visible signs of approximation to the transaction not.

Although interest in the A380 Express and other companies, for example, British Airways, Airbus does not want to continue production, not being sure of a large order from Emirates.

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Emirates, in turn, wants guarantees that Airbus will continue to manufacture within ten years to protect your investment.

If Airbus will stop production of the A380, the growth of Emirates in the future will depend on the recent orders for Boeing. Sources in Europe say that this reflects the growing influence of Washington in the Persian Gulf to the presidency of Donald trump. At the same time, industry sources representing the United States and the United Arab Emirates, deny the connection of this question with politics.

Earlier it was reported that Airbus received a record order for $49.5 billion euros.

Airbus may be removed from production, the largest airliner – Reuters 28.12.2017

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