Cloud servers Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been hacked by hackers for the purpose of using their computing power for bitcoin mining after it became known that the admin console is not protected by passwords, according to Business Insider.

“A deeper analysis has revealed that one of the containers Kubernetes was used by hackers to run commands to obtain cryptocurrency. In fact, the hackers used a parasitic bot that has performed malicious activity in the Internet,” the report says RedLock working for the prevention of cybercrime.

Often hackers break into corporate servers to steal data for ransom or sale to competitors. Now, basically, hackers are just exploiting the expensive computing power of cloud servers.

Earlier, on 16 September, with a similar situation faced the largest users of the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay. When you visit the website they have dramatically increased the load on the processor. The creators of the tracker was tested sewn into the website script for mining cryptocurrency Monero.

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Amazon’s servers were used for covert mining of bitcoins 09.10.2017

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