The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine does not exclude the influence of subjective factors on pricing in the LPG market, which lead to an unjustified increase its retail prices as a motor fuel, the press service of the Ministry.

The AMC notes that those market participants who set prices unreasonably and violate the legislation on protection of economic competition, appropriate action is taken.

“Does not exclude the influence of subjective factors on pricing in the market of liquefied gas as motor fuel that lead to an unjustified increase in retail prices of liquefied natural gas as a motor fuel,” – said in the message of the AMC.

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According to the state Commissioner of the Committee Valery polyukhovich, the main factors affecting the formation of prices for liquefied natural gas – the price of crude oil on European markets, the tariffs for railway transportation, as well as the tax burden and fluctuations in the exchange rate. When change occurs and the price changes on the retail market.

“Due to the fact that more than 80% of liquefied gas that is consumed in Ukraine is imported, the reduction in supply can also affect the growth of retail prices,” added the official.

The AMC noted that during January – August 2016 crude oil in European markets rose by 26%, also changed the excise tax and the tax on retail sales, and from may 2016 to 15% increase in the tariffs for the carriage of goods by rail.

AMCU said the reasons for the rising prices of liquefied petroleum gas 15.09.2016

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