American astronaut Jeff Williams has been in space for 520 days, setting a record for NASA by the cumulative time spent beyond Earth. It is reported by Voice of America.

Williams broke the record Scott Kelly installed during the mission on ISS, which lasted almost a year.

Williams needs to return to Earth on 6 September. Thus, his record would amount to 534 days.

The first 10 days in space, Williams spent back in 2000, when he was aboard-an engineer on the space Shuttle Atlantis, which helped to finish equipping the space station.

According to NASA, Williams went into space in 2006 with a six-month mission on the ISS. His next flight took place three years later when he again worked on the ISS. Just at that time he spent in space 362 days.

The current mission of the astronaut began on 18 March.

Although the American record is impressive, in the world ranking cosmonauts and astronauts Williams ranked only 14 th place in total time of staying outside of the planet Earth.

The list is headed by Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, who spent in space 879 days in five different missions.

However, Williams will not last long the record: it is expected that the astronaut Peggy Whitson will break his record in 2017 during the mission, which will begin in November of this year. Whitson ranks first in length of stay in the cosmos among women.

American astronaut set a new record of NASA in space 26.08.2016

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