In the American city of Dallas, Texas, woman surrendered to the Jewish second-hand store old coat, in the pocket which was $17 050 in cash. About this newspaper the Algemeiner.

Four Bank envelope with the money was found by the employee of the store who examined the coat.

Comparing the name written on one of the envelopes, with a database of donors of the store, the managers found out that the coat handed 78-year-old woman, Sheri, and the clothes had belonged to her late husband.

After learning about the discovery, the widow was very surprised, as I knew nothing about the money, it is postponed, probably her husband.

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Sheri also said that after her husband’s death in January 2017 she was in dire financial Straits because of lack of money to pay bills.

The store gave the widow all found amount. That, in turn, thanked the finder of the money the employee for being honest, giving her a thousand dollars.

In December 2017, the West African nation of Sierra Leone was sold at auction one of the world’s largest rough diamond for $6.5 million to Finance development projects in the country.

American passed to the second-hand coats from $17 Grand in your pocket 30.12.2017

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