American Mike Hughes built their own steam-powered rocket, where in the coming days plans to go sailing. This writes the Associated Press.

Rocket 61-year-old former limo driver has built in his garage last few years. The project cost Hughes $20 thousand.

The flight of the American, nicknamed Mad Mike is scheduled for Saturday, November 25. Hughes is planning to fly about 1.5 km above the abandoned town of Amboy in California. Also scheduled stream events on YouTube.

According to the calculations enthusiast, the speed of the rocket needs to reach 800 km/h, maximum altitude will be nearly 550 metres. For the descent to the ground will be used two parachutes. Pairs, through which the rocket will take off, Hughes is going to get out of almost 300 liters of water.

In January 2014, the American has already launched a homemade rocket, which flew more than 400 meters. In the fall, Hughes was injured and was in the hospital for a few days.

First flight of Hughes on a homemade rocket, January 2014

Also a enthusiast – a fan of the so-called theory of a flat Earth plans in the future to build another rocket that will allow him to climb into space to prove the validity of their beliefs.

November 5, 2017 on one of the test facilities of SpaceX in Texas, an explosion occurred in the rocket engine.

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Video: YouTube / Mike Hawkins

American planning a flight on a homemade steam-powered rocket 23.11.2017

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