Android smartphones are able to collect information about users even when turned off location services and if there is no phone SIM card. It turned out that Android smartphones continue to calculate the user’s location even under these conditions. This writes the Quartz.

In this mode, the phones started to work from the beginning of 2017, They collect data about nearby cell towers and send them to Google.

At Google, where reporters asked for comment, confirmed that they do collect data on Cell ID – the cell IDs of the towers – for the past 11 months. The company assured that the data is not stored anywhere. Google also argue that to the end of November intend to stop the practice of collecting these data.

“In January of this year, we began to consider the possibility of using data about Cell ID as a mechanism to increase the speed and quality of message delivery”, – is spoken in the answer of the representative of Google.

Thanks to information from multiple cell towers to track users and their movements.

Earlier it was reported that the applications on the iPhone can conduct the hidden shooting user using the front camera.

Android smartphones spy on users even without a SIM card 22.11.2017

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