The Verkhovna Rada may consider the law on special anti-corruption court only if the creation of such a court will be part of the requirements of the IMF. This opinion in comments ЛІГА.net was sounded by the Deputy of the faction PPO Sergey Leshchenko.

According to him, without support the chances of success of such initiatives is very small. The MP believes that in the current situation, the main intention of government is not to help in the development of NAB and other anti-corruption agencies, but rather attempt to restrict the existing authorities of these powers.

According to Leshchenko, if indeed there has been a rollback of the reforms can be expected to increase pressure on Ukraine from the IMF and EU institutions, who remain interested in supporting strong anti-corruption institutions.

“I think in Europe understand that their voices are very much depends. NABOO wouldn’t have created as many important laws simply would not have been accepted if not for the principled position of the EU. Even if these laws were not adopted in the wording which was originally planned”, – said the Deputy.

Leshchenko predicts that the key issues of the European partners to the Bank, which now actually is the only center of political decision-making in Ukraine can become a legislative initiative to provide the NEB the right to listen suspects within the investigated anti-corruption Bureau cases, the creation of a special anti-corruption court and full launch of the system of electronic Declaration.

The administration of the President, the MP, will try to make such claims as interference in the internal Affairs of the country. However, says Leshchenko, such arguments obviously do not succeed due to the fact that the budget of Ukraine remains extremely dependent on the next tranche of European financial aid.

“In the end, the authorities will have to implement these requirements,” – said the Deputy.

“The presidential administration was unable to provide acute public reaction to the failure with the introduction of the electronic Declaration system, – said the MP. They thought somehow propetlyat between the requirements of the EU, but they failed. In fact, in this story the power itself publicly flogged”, he added.

Today near the building of General Prosecutor’s office took a civil action in support of the NAB and against the tyranny of the officers of the GPU. For today, scheduled to meet the attorney General and Director of NABU to discuss the situation between the departments.

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Anti-corruption court can be a requirement of the IMF – Leshchenko 17.08.2016

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