Scientists from the aerospace Department of the US announced the discovery of first planetary system, which is comparable with the Solar system on the number of satellites orbiting the star. This is Kepler-90 in the constellation of the Dragon with eight planets, says NASA’s press service, published a video with a computer simulation system.

The discovery occurred through the analysis of data from the telescope “Kepler”, which had “artificial intelligence” – neural computer network of Google. In the simulation used about 35 thousand records of natural signals from the vicinity of Kepler-90.

Kepler-90 is removed from Solonetz 2.5 thousand light years (about 780 parsecs), and the calculated dimensions of the eighth planet – Kepler-90i – 30% larger than the earth.

Visual comparison of the Solar system and the planetary system Kepler-90:

Click to see in original size:

Illustration: NASA

Moreover, specify in NASA, due to the fact that all the planets in Kepler-90 is located closer to the star than planets in our Solar system – the Sun, discovered the companion of a little bit hot. The average temperature of its rocky surface is more than 400 degrees Celsius, which is comparable to the temperature nearest to the Sun the planet mercury. “Year” on Kepler-90i lasts 14,4 earth days.

The most remote from Kepler-90 the planet is about the same distance from the star as earth is from the Sun.

“It’s like a miniature version of our Solar system,” – said NASA.

Video: Youtube / NASA

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