Brewing company Carlsberg is investing millions of euros in research in the field of artificial intelligence, to use this technology to develop new Beers and improve quality control. It is reported by The Financial Times.

In a joint project also involves Microsoft and two universities.

“It will be very useful for us. We are talking about reducing the time and cost of developing a new beer, with new flavors, ” said Jochen Forster, one of the leaders in the research laboratory of Carlsberg.

The fourth largest brewer in the world in terms of sales believes that artificial intelligence can be used not only in brewing but also in the production of other food products and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the developed sensors in combination with AI is able to determine the content of pollutants in water, soil or atmosphere.

The use of technology will help one-third reduction in the time to create a new flavor of beer, which now lasts from 9 to 24 months.

Carlsberg invests in research 28 million Danish kroner ($4 million), 18 million kroons will be provided by the state Fund, Innovation Fund Denmark.

Earlier it was reported that artificial intelligence has learned to write fake reviews of restaurants and hotels, indistinguishable from written by a man.

Artificial intelligence will create a new beer for Carlsberg 28.12.2017

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