Ukrainian military told that due to cold weather in the Donetsk region and they assist the volunteers who bring firewood. Reported by the Military TV.

“There are no trees, nothing to cut, nothing but shrapnel and bullets. Just from the side of the terminal came two exit the vehicle, with the Beam went out of the mortars , and our side was firing from machine guns. We only fire the caliber for caliber. We do not yet exceed, even if they knocked the tank,” said ATU fighter Ivan.

Not far from Donetsk airport military established the Ukrainian flag.

Answering the question of how to live, one of the soldiers said, “As in war. A calmer day, night night misses. The situation is said stably tense”.

The DNI and LC – terrorist organizations seized with the support of the Russian Federation of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. Both organizations created, funded and maintained by Russia, where, among other things, the terrorists are getting fighters, trainers, and heavy equipment, weapons, ammunition, and fuel.

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As in war: military showed the surroundings of the WCT 20.11.2017

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