Microsoft Corp released software, despite US sanctions, was received by state organizations and companies in Russia and occupied Crimea. This is evidenced by official documents from the database of the Russian public procurement, writes Reuters.

These acts of purchase and sale demonstrate just how foreign governments and firms perform limited sanctions imposed on Russia over the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula, says the source.

Some users have provided Microsoft fictitious information about their personality, told Reuters the people involved in the transaction. In each such case, the software is sold through a third party, and journalists have no evidence that Microsoft has supplied products directly sanctioned organizations.

“Microsoft is committed to complying with the legislation, and we are investigating this issue. We have robust processes, compliance with trade standards worldwide to ensure that our partners comply with all the terms, including the immediate cessation of alleged illegal sales partners, as well as strong measures to prevent access of podcasting customers to use our products and services,” – said in the company on the request of Reuters about the situation.

The people who took part in five suspicious transactions, the Agency confirmed that the software was purchased.

Reporters found that Russia and its puppets in the Crimea have bought more than 5000 Microsoft products for the sum about 60 million roubles (about $1 million).

“The amount is relatively small, but this software is vital to many firms and organizations in Russia and Crimea. The database also does not include private companies, so the scale of the problem can be much greater,” said the authors of the investigation.

In the list of customers Microsoft is a military concern Almaz-Antey, Federal Autonomous institution Main Department of state expertise of the Russian Federation, Rescue center of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in the Crimea and other.

In one of the episodes of sanctions in June 2016, the “Sea” in the Crimea has purchased 150 licenses of Windows Server, SQL Server, and MS Office registered in Moscow company for the Web Stream. “If we bought directly from Microsoft, would be sanctions. But there were no problems with the purchase from the Russian company”, – told Reuters a worker of the shipyard.

“Another way around “Crimean” restrictions: when the user registers the product on the Microsoft website, not to write there the address of the Crimean”, – reports the Agency with reference to the three involved in such schemes. According to them, the commonly used address of the Krasnodar territory of the Russian Federation.

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Earlier, the German company Siemens was in the midst of a scandal involving the supply of turbines in the Crimea. In July the equipment was brought to the Crimea for use on newly built power plants contrary to the EU sanctions banning supplies of technologies for energy in the Russian-occupied Peninsula.

In response to the supply of turbines in the Crimea, the EU expanded sanctions against Russia. Siemens filed in court with the requirement to recognize the transaction for the supply of equipment under the contract was intended for power plant in Taman, void, and return the turbine.

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As Russia avoids sanctions when buying Microsoft software – Reuters 11.10.2017

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