Syrian air force for the first time since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria attacked the city of Hasaka, a part of which is under the control of people’s protection units Kurdish (YPG). It is reported BBC with reference to the representatives of the Kurdish self-defense groups and human rights defenders.

Earlier in the city, clashes erupted between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian army.

The representative of the YPG reports about the dead and wounded, whose number is still unknown. They said that government aircraft opened fire at Kurdish parts of the city.

Clashes between Kurds and Syrian army in Hasaka city continued for several days. The confrontation began with a fight between two groups in the city market. The Kurds accuse the regime that he seeks to provoke a conflict.

The BBC monitoring service reported that according to Kurdish sources, government troops attacked first, and the Syrian state media has not yet covered the events in Hasaka.

So far, the Kurds and government forces cooperated in the fight against ISIS, the Agency said.

Assad aircraft first hit the Kurds in Syria 18.08.2016

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