In SAP called “premature and overly emotional” post of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in Facebook about inadmissibility of the termination of criminal proceedings against a Deputy Oles Dovgy. This is stated in the commentary of SAP.

“A recently published post the honourable attorney-General inadmissibility of closing of the criminal proceedings against Oles Dovgy is premature and overly emotional,” – said in the message.

In SAP noted that this conclusion should be preceded by a detailed study of the evidence collected, the reason for closure, the analysis of all criminal proceedings.

The Ministry stressed that the pre-trial investigation Dovgy more than a year was carried out by the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev. In June 2017, the investigation entrusted to the General group of NABOO detectives and investigators of capital Prosecutor’s office. At SAP believe that because of the “shortcomings of the pre-trial investigation” suspicion was not declared Dovgy immediately after the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity.

The fact of the lack of evidence for a Declaration of suspicion and the completion of the investigation by Dovgy also confirmed the position of the General Prosecutor’s office, stated in SAP.

“So, the SAP received a Memorandum of the Deputy attorney General Strizhevskaya A. A. from 22.11.2017 agreed upon by the attorney General, that the text of the suspicion Dovgy, O. S.: “… no evidence that Dovgy O. S. is an officer in the understanding of the note to article 364 of the criminal code, and therefore is not subject to a specified offence; there are no data confirming the fact of abuse of power, pointing to the commonality of intention and reveal all the elements of a criminal offence in his actions; not confirmed what exactly was the abuse Dovgy, O. S., what he had to do and what not, had no right to do; not installed, in whose interests he acted…” – said in comments the pad.

In the SAP noted, however, that the decision “about closing of only in relation to a person suspect, not criminal proceedings in General, which allows to prosecute all the perpetrators if there is evidence and legal grounds”.

In addition, SAP is considered unacceptable the statement of Lutsenko’s criminal prosecution of a person in social networks, but not in the format of procedural decision-making in production.

Today Facebook Lutsenko wrote that he considered the decision of COAG to close the case against Dovgy “unacceptable”. “Surprise and indignation” caused the attorney General the rationale for this decision. He also said that the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office opened a new case against Dovgy over the sale of more than a thousand acres of land on the island of Zhukov.

At SAP said Lutsenko on the closure case against Dovgy 28.12.2017

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