The participants held in Brussels EU summit failed to make progress in the discussion of migration policy. This was announced at the end of the first day of the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports Deutsche Welle.

“At this point the position has not changed,” said Merkel.

She stressed that the European politicians is “clear objective” to June 2018 to continue working on a solution to this problem.

At the same time, Merkel reported some progress in the protection of the external borders of the EU, in particular thanks to agreements with Turkey and cooperation with Libya. However, according to her, there is the “internal solidarity”. The German Chancellor also said that he was unhappy with the “simple statement” that the hitherto solution of the migration problem have not worked.

The 28 EU countries for several years are unable to agree on a number of issues concerning refugees. Disputes in the first place begs the question, as in the case of a new migration crisis to help States who will take the bulk of the refugees. The European Commission and some countries, including Germany, favour such an option of redistribution, which would include the obligation to accept refugees, at least with a sharp increase in their flow. However, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic reject any form of compulsion in this matter.

Earlier it was reported that the German government will pay additional financial assistance to asylum seekers who agree to voluntarily return home from Germany.

At the EU summit did not agree on refugees: infographics 15.12.2017

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