The proposal of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass is not the desire for peace, but an attempt to repeat the Georgian scenario, since its purpose is the establishment of a permanent unresolved conflict to put pressure on Kiev. This is stated on the website of the Atlantic Council in the publication, Director of the Georgian Institute of politics and Professor of political science, Tbilisi state University corneli Kakachia and Joseph Larsen, a political analyst at the Georgian Institute of politics.

In the article “Why Russia’s war with Ukraine will never end” says that the initiative of the President of the aggressor country of peacekeepers looks like a “peace Overture”, because “Putin is not motivated by the desire for friendship”.

The authors note the similarity with the events in Georgia in 2008 when Russia supported the UN observer mission in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and of the OSCE mission in South Ossetia, in addition to its own “peacekeeping forces”.

“In the Donbass Russia will use military force to create a persistent unresolved conflict,” say the authors, emphasizing the strong pressure exerted by the military action of the government in Kiev.

The article notes that “long-term agreements on cease-fire” will not end.

“Kiev and the West should expect the second phase of the conflict. This can be gleaned from Georgia, the object of the invasion of Russia and the theatre of the war that never ended,” they write, focusing on the change of tactics “blunt force” on the tactics of Subversion.

It is also said that once the hot phase of the war will end, “Russia is likely to try to destroy the sovereignty of Ukraine with a similar though not identical methods that she uses in Georgia.”

The authors write that Ukraine and its Western partners should not repeat the mistakes of the Russian-Georgian conflict.

“Russia was not an honest broker in any post-Soviet conflict. Therefore, the responsibility for the maintenance of peace in the Donbas should not be subject to international institutions where Moscow has a veto,” the focus of the scientists.

To avoid the Georgian scenario, the UN peacekeeping mission should also cover the Russian-Ukrainian border, say the authors.

At the meeting of the North Atlantic Council on 6 June the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence said that the Russian Federation, Iran and international terrorism – main threat to the stability and security of the modern world.

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Atlantic Council: the initiative of the Russian Federation for peacekeepers – peace Overture 10.11.2017

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