MPs from the support group of the NABOO left the meeting of the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, December 20, to avoid declaring a new contest for the post of auditor National anti-corruption Bureau. As a result, the work of the Committee blocked, the correspondent of

Meeting of left MPs Yegor Sobolev, Yury Derevyanko, Dmitry Dobrodomov, Viktor Chumak, Sergey Leshchenko and Borislav Birch. In the end, the meeting left 12 of the 24 members of the Committee, for decision-making must be at least 13.

First, parliamentarians included into the agenda the issue of competition for the position of auditor of NABOO. Then Chumak said that first you need to close the issue with that contest that was held earlier. For this, he said, you need to make in the session hall of the candidacy of Martha’s Soup and Carlos Castresana, which was only rating vote Happy.

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Member of the Committee Igor Popov proposed to declare a new contest and is automatically included in the list of finalists Soup and Castresana. However, Derevyanko, Chumak, Sobolev and Dobrodomov opposed the holding of a new competition.

Later the first Deputy head of the anticorruption Committee, Yuriy Savchuk told journalists that determine the competition for auditor of NABOO, the Committee plans on Thursday, December 21. According to him, to gather a Committee meeting will be after the evening plenary session of Parliament.

“We want to gather people and start the work of the Committee. We need to define independent auditor NABOO… the procedure, this Committee meeting may be held no earlier than 24 hours after we declare. We plan to come out and work off the agenda after a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada”, – said Savchuk.

A final, unsuccessful attempt to elect the auditor of the NABOO Parliament has taken 13 July 2017.

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Audit NABOO: dissenting MPs disrupted the meeting of the Committee 20.12.2017

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