The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has condemned the latest launch of missiles by North Korea over Japanese territory and called it “agony under the pressure of sanctions.” About it reports UKRINFORM.

“This is a dangerous, thoughtless, criminal act of the North Korean regime that threatens stability in the region and the world, and we strongly condemn this,” said the Prime Minister.

According to Turnbull, the launch and strengthening of violent propaganda show that sanctions are working.

An Australian politician did not agree with the opinion that increasing pressure on North Korea creates additional risks for Japan.

“No one wants war on the Korean Peninsula … If Kim Jong UN starts a war, will attack the United States or one of its allies, it would be suicide… It will be the end of his reign, thousands will die and thousands of people”, – said Turnbull.

Malcolm Turnbull stressed the strength of Australia’s Alliance with the United States and the willingness of both countries to assist each other in case of war with North Korea.

Today, 15 September, North Korea launched another missile unidentified type from Pyongyang, which flew over Japanese territory and fell into the Pacific ocean near the island of Hokkaido.

South Korea has launched a ballistic missile Genmu-2 in response to the next launch of the DPRK.

On 12 September the UN security Council voted unanimously for new sanctions against North Korea after the sixth and largest nuclear test of Pyongyang. In response to the sanctions, Pyongyang not only refused the development of nuclear-missile program, but also promised to speed it up.

Australian Prime Minister about the missile North Korea: the Agony under the pressure of sanctions 15.09.2017

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