The procession of the UOC-MP will be delivered in the center of Kiev by buses. This was at the briefing said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the correspondent ЛІГА.net.

He recalled that in the course of movement was discovered bookmarks with simulated explosives, and grenades. For security reasons it was decided to suspend the movement of the marchers, to avoid casualties and provocations.

“Now both groups of believers are not far from Kiev. We have reached agreement with Metropolitan Onufry the head of the Moscow Patriarchate that now we localize the situation, that now the faithful will Board the bus and proceed to the camp,” – said Avakov.

According to him, still not all the protesters agreed to disperse on the bus. “Someone said Yes, someone is trying to cheat themselves and others. Someone, apparently, didn’t come, not for prayer, but in order to make a provocation. In this case, we show a strong will and exercise the power in order to avoid clashes of those who came to pray, and those who objected,” – said Avakov.

“Tonight I’m 99% sure that everyone who came with speed, to sleep and prepare for tomorrow’s prayer”, he said.

The chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko reported that the Kiev mayor’s office allocated the buses tomorrow with the territory of Kyiv region will take on Vladimir hill all the participants of the course. “That is, of the procession, which originally planned to go to Kiev,” he said.

Today, July 26, the so-called procession of the UOC-MP close to Kyiv: one piece, which came all the way to the Western region, intends to go to the centre of Kiev from Zhitomir; the other part from Boryspil.

Avakov: the Procession in the center of Kiev will go by buses 27.07.2016

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