In the conditions of active fighting and shelling Avdiivka coke included in Metinvest group of businessman Rinat Akhmetov, was created energoostriv to maintain production capacity. This was told by the General Director of Avdiivka coke plant Musa Magomedov, according to UAprom.

“In fact, we have created energoostriv, which was managed in manual mode, although such examples have not been, as well as work under fire in the past three years,” he said.

According to Magomedov, from the beginning of the war in the Donbass was recorded 320 hits Avdeyevka coke plant. “After the first stop conservation capacity took four days, but we have learned, therefore, the latest conservation took 60 hours,” he said.

While a global problem for the plant was the question of power. “The company was four lines: two “Makeevka” and two “loaded”. In the fighting they were interrupted more than 200 times, but always remained that one line, then the second, so stops Avdiivka coke was only 15,” – said General Director of Avdiivka coke.

The CEO recalled that in February 2017 was broken last line, and the plant left to its own generation.

“Employees of the enterprise together with DTEK laid a line from ocheretyne to plant, so now we have two input-controlled territory of Ukraine, which allows the plant to operate more reliably,” said he.

According to Magomedov, to create their own generation purchased the generator with a capacity of 1 MW, turbine unit with a capacity of 2.5 MW with a cost of $2.5 million, as well as a soft start for gazoduvki machines for the evacuation of coke oven gas.

However, when multiple injuries of overhead cable lines, it was decided to lay a power cable under the ground.

“We have learned in the complete stop be launched using the so-called defibrillator. This sequence of actions when you first start one engine, then the second. In short, it first runs a number of mechanisms that allow you to start the evacuation of the coke oven gas, after it starts to load the battery, then run one after the other turbine generators, which needs natural gas,” – said the CEO.

According to him, was actually created energoostriv, which was controlled manually.

“We have found a solution that allowed us to allocate the minimum amount of equipment in energoostriv. We need to understand to save the plant, we worked for months in conditions when turning on any appliance over 5 kW, consistent with the chief electrician. There was a case when the inclusion of a low-powered engine led to the stop of the entire plant, it is the human factor,” – said a top Manager.

As reported, in late may 2017 Avdiivka coke plant returned to work in the mode of peace, resuming the work of all canned coke oven batteries.

Avdiivka coke Akhmetov operates in the mode energoostrova 03.10.2017

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