Barcelona about a hundred people took part in the action at the beach to protest against the unfettered growth of mass tourism. About it reports AP.

The protesters claim that the influx of tourists increased the cost of rents, thereby displacing long-term residents of the centre. They are also unhappy with the noisy behavior on the part of tourists visiting the party in the historic centre.

Many of the protesters on the seafront of Barceloneta were dressed in yellow t-shirts with the slogan “Barcelona is not for sale” in Catalan language. Some protesters made an inscription on the sand in English: “We don’t want tourists in our buildings. It’s not a beach resort.” The protest was organized by a group of local residents called “Reclaim the beach everyone!”.

Municipal authorities had previously tried to limit the number of apartments that are rented to tourists via online platforms such as Airbnb.

Earlier it was reported that in Spain the radical organization organized a protest against the influx of tourists. In the Autonomous communities of Catalonia and Basque Country the radicals in some buildings write “Tourists go home”, as radicals have caused your slogan on the windshield of the tourist bus in Barcelona.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy criticized the protesters against mass tourism radicals, saying that their protest against the tourism sector, which accounts for 11% of the country’s GDP, “does not make sense”. “I never thought that I would have to protect the tourism sector. This is really something unheard of,” said Rajoy on Wednesday at a business meeting of a large hotel chain.

In 2016 Spain visited 75,3 million tourists. This year we expect even more, after tourist arrivals increased by 12% for the first six months.

Barcelona was held to protest against the influx of tourists 13.08.2017

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