In the course of today’s exchange in the Ukraine-controlled territory transferred 73 hostages, the militants in Kiev have given requested them. 233 This information was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General Anzhela Strizhevskaya, according to Facebook press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

“Of those we took from the uncontrolled territories, one woman refused to return, said that he had Pro-Ukrainian position, but the family is in Donetsk, so it remains. 26 people refused to go to ORDO/ORLO”, – said Strizhevskaya.

“It’s important that we do not exchange the Russian citizens, citizens of other States to adhere to international norms and acted in accordance with the agreements in the framework of the Minsk agreements”, – said Strizhevskaya.

According to her, the Ukrainian side is ready to continue working for the release of all Ukrainians, who are illegally held in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The press service of the Verkhovna Rada reported that among the released soldiers of the battalion Kryvbas Nikolai Gerasimenko and Alexander Lazarenko, the militants are illegally detained since February 2015.

Also among those released is the representative of the national guard in Eugene Kuznetsov, “cyborg” Alexander Morozov and Ivan Lasa, which is the longest had been held hostage, since the defense of the Donetsk airport.

In addition, exempt historian and theologian Igor Kozlovski, community activist and volunteer Mr Fomichev and others.

Also among the released are: Abramov, A. A., Arbuzov A. I., Ahmerov A. A., Berdnik, D. A., Belov Yu. s., Bucak M. V., Gaevaya G. L., Gasper K. V., Golikov A. A., Durkin, A. V., Kaznacheev, E. G., Kononenko, E. N., Kononenko I. N., Kostennikov, A. T., Canary, A. G., Kots L. R. , Grand, A. A., Levashov D. A., Lobchuk V. P., E. V. Nadeljaev, Nedosekin V. B., Novitsky A. S., Ovcharenko V. V., Politova A. P., Popov A. V., Radulov, S. M., Sapozhnikov, I. V., Simonenko E. V., Sychev, L. M., Zinchenko G. A., Sobolev N. In. Starchenko S. I., Terence Hromyh I. V. A. N., Chmeruk A. V., Shulga A. N., Shvaiko V. Yu., Yakovenko I. S., A. F. Bessarab, V. M. Gulko, N Jobs.N., Kushpil A. A., Petrachkova A. G., Radovets, V. N., Urbach P. V., Bogdan V. S., V. A. Vindyuk, Smooth, S. V. and others.

Today, December 27, hosted the largest exchange of Ukrainian hostages in the Donbass.

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Became known the final figures of today’s hostage exchange 28.12.2017

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