Corruption is a cancer on the fabric of any society in which it exists, and the fight against it – the key of becoming a prosperous democracy. About it on August 17 during the first 2009 visit to the Balkans was announced by the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden in an address to the Kosovo government, reports the Voice of America.

“I’m here today to confirm that the United States will continue to support the people of Kosovo on your way of becoming a prosperous, peaceful and multi-ethnic democracy,” he said, adding that “corruption is a cancer eating the fabric of every society in which it exists”.

“In short, (corruption – ed.) threatens all that Kosovo hopes to achieve, hopes to be, all the hopes of the country for the future,” Biden said.

The Agency notes that the opposition in the Parliament of Kosovo has been repeatedly sprayed at meetings of tear gas in protest against causing mixed reactions of the agreements that the government of Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo, formerly one of the regions in its composition, however, with the mediation of the EU, participated in the conclusion of several agreements seeking to normalize relations with the neighboring country.

11 August 2016 in Serbia approved the new composition of the government, which will continue to lead the head of the Serbian progressive party Aleksandar Vucic, and on 16 August, the country’s President Tomislav Nikolic at a meeting with Biden stated that his country will not impose sanctions against Russia under any circumstances.

In the corruption perception Index for 2015, which is published by Transparency International, Kosovo is the 103rd place out of 168.

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8 December 2015 Vice-President Joe Biden made a speech in Parliament, assuring the Ukraine that the United States will continue to exert pressure on the Putin regime in Russia now will not be completed until the end of the Minsk agreement, noting the vital importance of the fight against corruption.

Biden: Corruption is a cancer on the body of any country 18.08.2016

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