Biologists from the UK and South Africa has invented a method that helps to ward off elephants from trees and not to allow animals to strip them from the bark, break the trunk. This is stated in the material Conservation Biology.

The experts decided to place on the branches of trees beehives with swarms of aggressive bees, as the population of African elephants living in the national parks of Africa, is growing.

“Elephants begin to have a negative impact on the number of trees. They peel the bark, break the branches and trunks and wrenched trees from the root” – said the biologist.

Elephants prefer to feed on certain types of large trees, in particular, Marylou (sclerocarya or elephant tree – ed.).

Honeybees bite elephants in sensitive spots, including behind the ears and around the eyes.

Previously, researchers tried to ward off elephants from the Marula, wrapping their trunks with wire mesh.

On 5 September, a man in India was trampled to death by a wild elephant after he tried to do with animals photo.

Biologists have come up with a way to drive away elephants from trees 26.12.2017

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