Advisor to the President and Minister of defense Yury Biryukov considers that the ATO soldiers experienced, and Ukraine will return the occupied Donbass. He declared it in interview to the 5th channel.

“Our soldiers are more experienced and concentrated and calm, they understand that this is our country, and anywhere she’s not going anywhere, this country, and we will refund the Donbass,” – said Biryukov.

According to him, he does not observe worsening in ATO area.

“To say that on the front of some radical aggravation – I did not watch. I practically live on the first days of the war, and to say that shows some strong tension – no, not seen. Yes, fire, Yes, – wounded, Yes, dead. Unfortunately, our misfortune to live the rest of my life. Even when we sooner or later will liberate the Donbas, return the Crimea, but Russia will not disappear from our borders. In this voltage must now live life. The issue here is not Putin, the question here in all this country and their attitude towards us,” – said Biryukov.

He added that he watched the provocations of the aggressor in Crimea.

“I watched last week the whole story with the Crimea, I do not understand anything! I’m no expert, I’m not military intelligence. But the feeling I had, something happened inside Crimea, they are certainly “under the guise of” decided to throw it all on us, but it was done so clumsy, so ridiculous that now this topic already and they have gone from the agenda. Because it really was more fun than scary. They are rattling weapons – but we also have weapons,” – said Biryukov.

16 Aug Advisor to the President and the defense Minister explained, under any circumstances, declare the seventh wave of mobilization in the event of a sharp escalation of hostilities in the East.

Biryukov explained why Ukraine will return Donbass 18.08.2016

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