You may think that to give way to public transport for older people is important and correct, however, doctors showed that in fact such a gesture of courtesy can affect their health not for the better. This is with reference to the publication of a study in the British Medical Journal writes the British newspaper The Independent.

In fact, according to doctors, the elderly often need to stand and walk, not sit or lie down. Oxford University Professor sir John Muir gray says that the elderly have to walk at least 10 minutes a day, and walk up the stairs instead of the Elevator or escalator.

This, the newspaper notes, is true only for those cases when an elderly person has no diseases that contraindicated long to stand on my feet, in particular, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

“We need to encourage and stimulate activity with aging, not to say that “often need to rest.” Don’t think about the Elevator for your aging parents, think about installing a second railing, so they could get up, holding both hands. And think twice before you give way to the bus or train to those who are older. The opportunity to stand up – a great exercise for such people” – said doctor of medicine.

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This view is shared by orthopedic surgeon hospital Eastbourne Scarlett McNally, who is examining the long-term effect of physical activity on health in different age groups. She believes that “exercise can reverse the fading and to keep the person over the line in need of social assistance.”

Scientists say that middle-aged people and older who regularly exercise can improve their level of physical fitness to levels of people ten years younger. In addition, doctors say, good form helps to improve thinking ability and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

During illness, if there are no contraindications, you need to spend less time in a hospital bed, and more to do with rehabilitation and physical therapy, the newspaper writes.

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British scientists: No need to give place to older people 09.11.2017

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