In pre-war life of 33-year-old Fedor Misyura was a civil servant – the chief specialist of the Department of transport and communication of Executive Committee of Rivne city Council. On weekdays, go to work, and on weekends, rented a suit and drove to the airfield: the main passion in his life was skydiving for a few years, he made more than 200 jumps.

But then came the war. And Fedor, without telling anyone, went to the ATO. Now behind his shoulders – the worst, last days Donetsk airport severe wound. It was – the cyborg said in an interview ЛІГА.net.

– I was engaged in urban transport and everything connected with it. So to go or not to go to the ATO – the possibilities were very many. But this is my personal decision that nobody knew, not even his wife. I told her the agenda for the three days before delivery showed.

In the beginning of the war in the Donbass, I went to the recruiting office, checked their data – everything is fine, wait. The first wave of mobilization – do not take. In the second wave again went to the recruiting office, checked – do not take. Appealed to the Afghans, so they agreed for me. They listened to me, and the result or not.

Then finally I received a summons in August 2014, came in 80-th separate air assault brigade. Yavorivsky ground training, and in October we were sent to the East. First, in Konstantinovka, and from there the group went to combat mission: Water, Experienced, Sands, rotation in Donetsk airport. I stayed in Konstantinovka, because he was a chief of the combat support: provide units with food, ammunition, warm clothes. All the assumptions for our guys went through me. I was on duty, and in his spare time collected the parcel and delivered.

In the first days of January 2015 it became clear that the truce has finally ended. In Donetsk airport was already pouring out of all of that. It was necessary to form a consolidated unit to strengthen the defense. From our company asked 20 people. They called me and said, “are You going?” I said by far the food.

In the sand we arrived 10 Jan, spent the night. Then went to Water: from there going all the rotation in the airport.

In terminal I got on January 13. That day fell the control tower of the airport, had a lot of injuries, the situation was critical. So we were divided into two groups. The first rotation went on the tower, right in broad daylight. When all the boxes (armored vehicles – ed) returned to base, began to load us. Was driving late at night. Before this rotation was performed through the roadblock of separatists, but our demand was – we’re not going through the checkpoint, only on vzletke. Started with position, first, there was our artillery, then we. Heard shooting, from time to time fell on our car. And I looked in the corner is a barrel of 50 liters. Ask: what is it? I answer: gasoline. Well, I think cool, if it will fly, even at the DNA do not determine where anyone, except in the whole list.

Nothing is normal there. As it was, I can’t say in complete darkness, at full speed rushed to the terminal. Disembarked. I stand and look at the sleeve – all full of holes. Turn to the terminal: dark, constantly shooting, and the echo… the sound not to transfer. Though I was ready, knew where it was going. But I became to the wall and just slid on it.

Photos from the pages of Fyodor Misiura in the social network

Then gathered. They took us to the headquarters, distributed by posts: who is in what shift. First went like this: two hours on duty, two hours asleep, two hours in the standby mode. That is two hours of four. But on January 14 on the terminal all day shoot the tanks. Shot, shot, shot… One with Spartacus: will leave full of ammunition will work, they will come in exploration, see depart. And again. And the second worked from a monastery in the heart of Metro in Donetsk: the tower, the terminal.

In the holes between terminals fitted separatists. Before our rotation to the basement went “rats” as we called them. From time to time we shouted back and forth with them. They answered with a Caucasian accent: “Hey, Ukrainian, come here, ears cut will be.” We have them also surprises did: took, a rocket propelled grenade a couple of WOG (shrapnel ammunition for grenade launchers – ed) strapped, a couple of grenades and they go Bang. Heard them screaming. Got on him fine.

They were in the basement and we’re on the ground floor of the terminal and on the second. Then they started on the roof to climb. And there was a moment when we had to ask them to cornflowers (82-mm mortar shells – red) at we have worked. In fact, we caused the fire to them from the roof to dislodge. From the bottom to knock those who are at the top on the roof, it was tactically very difficult.

The terminal is a small territory that all sides sweep around the enemy, and you have a small place to come and go, and that you constantly lie. In the basement of the separatists, top also throws grenades. This is not a boiler, and some private Bank. And you sit in this jar and just shoot until the end.

The night passed the next rotation: 11 people left, and only came three. There was a big shortage on posts. We were already at two hours in four and two by two. Two hours defended, and slept – where if found, and went back. So all night.

Frost was 26-27 degrees. I went to “quilted”. And the food was only dry rations. So I took buckwheat, opened with a knife broke icy mush to bits – warming her nowhere, and were resorbed. Tea I for all time at the terminal so never drank.

Around 6 am on 15 January I went to a mass assault. On the roof they climbed even more, throwing grenades. With all holes Les. I went to the post and about 10 in the morning during the recharge of the Rock (12.7-mm heavy machine gun – ed) I flew.

Fell on his back, I knew I had to tear off the armor, but did not succeed.

The guys grabbed me, dragged to headquarters. The wound on the back put the bandages – there was so much blood, is stuck a film, put a band-aid that does not leak. The injured was not through a bullet passed between the back and the plate, then turned in the area of the seventh or eighth ribs in the body, pierced a lung and lay down near the heart the aorta. I guess she was comfortable there. But because the shot easy began a pneumothorax, I was suffocating. Then Igor with the call sign “Psycho” (military medic, Igor Senic soldiers saved in the terminal until the last, until 20th January, died under the rubble – ed) in the area of the collarbone I broke a hole in the special tube, so that excess air out of the lungs.

The evacuation began about six o’clock – had not been able to. Wounded were reported very much in the head, in the limbs. Don’t know, before the evacuation or during (lost consciousness), but I in addition to received a bullet and explosion-shrapnel wounds. Body armor on I was gone – most likely from a grenade. The pieces are small.

Loaded us brought to the infirmary in Water, and then in Krasnoarmeysk on the turntable. Then I have my company commander, who received a shrapnel wound to the head, said they stood and waited for half an hour “heavy”. Heavy was me.

Sent spinner in the Dnieper. As the doctors say, I was taken to the extreme moments when it was still possible to save. If I’d brought a little later – that is all. Made the first step. Removed part of the lung, spleen, part of the ribs. The second surgery I was bleeding again. Heart failed and stopped. And while one doctor has stopped the bleeding, the second hand swung the heart to bring blood back to the brain. I lay in the river for seven days. There was the question of how to remove the bullet, only to save a life. Then I was transported by plane to the winery where it was removed from the aorta.

When I recovered after injury, the head of the Rivne regional state administration offered me the position of head of the Department of infrastructure and industry. Before that, in December 2014, was taken on a bribe the Deputy head of the regional state administration, who oversaw the transport, and left work the head of Department. I agreed.

And this year I returned to skydiving and to fly in a wingsuit. But the doctors I am about this, of course, has not yet spoken.

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“Call the fire itself, so as to dislodge the militants.” The story of a cyborg 14.10.2016

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