First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Yakov Smoliy, who is called the successor Valeriya Gontareva, receives income from providing banks to lease their own real property. This is evidenced by electronic Declaration Smoliy last year, writes Nashi Groshi.

The results of the last Declaration of the year Smoliy received more than 3 million UAH revenue from lease of own property. Among the tenants of the publication refers to a number of commercial banks, the PRAVEX, Credit Europe, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Fidobank.

Resin also rents the use of the property of the Dnieper KSG. We are talking about office space in the river on the street Mechnikov. From a land registry it is known that resin has a share of 8% of the total area of the premises (1,57 m).

KSG Bank controlled by the owner of the agricultural holding KSG Agro Sergey Kasyanov. According to SMIDA, as of the end of 2015 a shareholder of the Bank was also associate Yura enakiyevsky, former MP Oleksandr Shepelev, who 2013 to may 2017 was wanted on suspicion of attempted murder and embezzlement in Rodovid Bank.

In August 2016, the NBU decided to revoke the banking license and liquidate the Bank KSG for systematic violations of legislation in the sphere of prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way.

In 2015-2016 resin obtained in the form of lease payments nearly 2 million UAH from kompanii Printek Ukraine. Founded in 2007, the company owned by the company Printek holdings and specializiruetsya wholesale trade of office machinery and equipment. In 2010-2013, won gospodryady in the amount of 22.7 million UAH.

In 2015, the administrative office of the Lviv city Council ordered the company’s computer equipment to 569 thousand UAH, and state UGB – 46 ATMs to UAH 16 million.

In 2016 Printek Ukraine has received orders for a total amount of 72.65 million. In addition to the UGB, the orders came from the regional departments of the Bank in Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Kherson regions.

Another company that provides Smoliy rental income – asset management standard asset Management, the founders of which is the near business environment Smoliy – Fedir SHPYG, Alexander Derkach, Sergiy Vovchenko, Dmitry Voloshko, Ivan Voloschuk, Michael Gorovenko, Ivan Pinchuk, Igor Slobodskoy, Grigory Sheludko, Nikolay Volkov, Vladimir Gnatenko, Alexander Naumenko. The share of the firm was also the wife Svetlana Smoliy.

Tenants of the property Smoliy listed as:
Medical center of St. Paraskeva (whose co-founder was previously Smoliy; now he was in the Cyprus offshore St. Paraskeva medical holding company);
Prestizh Grupp, shareholder is Svetlana Smoliy. The group is controlled by Fedir SHPYG (25%) and Alexander Derkach (15%);
SK Etalon Polis, the controller of which is the son of one of the main business partners Smoliy Ivan Voloshko – Dmytro Voloshko.

According to the changes in the property will place on the website NAPC, resin and in 2017 rents of the real estate asset standard asset Management, Medical center of Agia Paraskevi and Printek Ukraine.

Smoliy have two daughters. The eldest, Nelia, married Yury Nechiporenko – Chairman of the Board of the insurance company Etalon. Earlier Smoliy, his wife Svetlana and daughter Tatiana owned a controlling stake in the Standard (91%), which in 2013 went to the Russian Gennady duvanova.

In 2014, shares of the insurer divided 10 offshore companies (95%), associated with structures of businessman Oleg Bakhmatyuk and Eugene Bridon (5%), the Latter in 2008-2011 he was Chairman of the boards of insurance companies and start the benchmark.

Candidate for the post of head of the NBU rents real estate banks media 04.10.2017

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