Chetverti year pepl have stolic Ukraine to pass Kiseki Mineralni economic forum. Cohorts organzation pod unable spati recordno number uchasnikiv. Obgovorili Economou the situation, progress and prospects podolskogo development of the country, and also posluhat vdoma economt, banishment, experts I poltics prishli predstavnici mayzhe forty companies the ZMI. On odna iz panels forum “Finansowania real sector economy. Hour date” zaproszen spicery talked about those scho what to do in Ukraine for vbnewline kredituvannya to a b_znes, chomu requirements, that data currently banks viewauth to basically, absolutely spravedliv, the chomu companies soon the camp Navigo pracowali in tn.

Moderator diskus vystupiv to a b_znes Director of corporate at Raiffeisen Bank Aval (Ukraine) Ruslan Spac.

Niccolle s Besti – konspekt

– That you can fidelity three basic chinnici scho sogodni streamout finansowania real sector economy? Onown criter, that swedeath about vbnewline kredituvannya, and if TSE Mauger Budisa?

Oksana Markarova, purshia patron mnestra fancv Ukraine: Ye are three, basic momenti, yaki potribni for vbnewline kredituvannya. Firstly, versity power niepracujacych credits on balanc Bank. Today in Ukraine the law about what finansowo restructuring. But in order, dwellers VIN zapratsavau the povna Mira, it ovality VSI zakonodavchi active, that rotkraut features finansowo restructurizer.

In another way, if say about derzhavni banks – TSE corporative management.

Ti., yaki pratsyuyut data currently vzhe from PrivatBank and Ukrgasbank, pozirovat on INSHI banksys install. In Trat, lberals – Yak currency, so I vimoh to basically s side banksiae sector. On sogodni I derzhavni, I comartin banks dostatno lkkdn. The problem is the fact, that no who kreditovanie. The in particular through dosit EORTC requirements. So, stink Boule neohd at the time sachedina I onovleny banksia systems. Ale zaraz need are Robit everything for the dwellers banks are not balisa brother myself riziki. Then I investicine, I proektne finansowania mill mozliwym.

Andrew Pesni, head pravlinnya Oschadbank: Three basic factory – Captal, the borrower, Groshi. Yakscho say about Captal, power docapture derzhavni banks. But, unfortunately, not pokey scho yde mova Pro rozvytok h. Namely Demba s need pasinati, if mi say in context vpliva bankowski setup on rozvytok ukraïnskoï economci . . patrimo. In this rusl Cabmen Uhnalev rsena Pro rozvytok corporate governance, and vdovi bill Buda spryatano to the Verkhovna Rada. Prenetta law automatic vdci for us I towns zapotecan markets agricultural art, and a new head from vanovna s Evropeiskim Bank reconstructs the development. Power finansowo restructurizer – printsipovo it’s important RC. Oschadbank – Perche s Bank, yaky proykov the povna procedure finansowo restructurizer zgidno s Novi law. Have rezultat mi pobachili, scho pratsyuє the law is not so Yak mi on Demba rozregulowany. At her factory, that not dozvolyayut of roswintiarti Captal in this regard’yazku s finansovoy restrukturisasi.

Schodo basically. In Ukraine it is possible to spostarti dosite Divo the situation. For itsyou statistics, we seastrunk pgprint 2 million: 1.35 million picnic osib-pgprint, about 400 000 yuridichnih osib, about 400 000 great pdprimstvo. On the one hand, are many. Ale after dozen power viplava scho Velicina number of sub”CTV paprika diyalnosti – picnic osib obslugovuyut trovi sector. The stench ABO rosevelt benefciary vlasnosti, ABO obslugovuyut vnutri offshore (ti Chi INSHI circuit optimzer opodatkuvannya). Scho TSE this means for banksia system? Mi spremam CIR 1.35 million pgprint navti Yak potencia basically. Chomu? Paprika seredovischa guilty Vdovin new mineralnymi standards once activw FINANSOVOGO mentoring. . That s 2 million not more 400 000 mozhut rozregulowany on Patrico Bank. Mi samo for kredituvannya. We have her in this require. Data currently ti positselski, that vapout standards that posilink regulyatornye imogam, mozhut, provoditi mizh banks tender for zadovolennya creditno application. Banks concurvity for basically. That at a time MOV IgE not about kredituvannya, Yak about wapost pdprimstvo sector Tim imogam, yaki vzhe Boule saprophages I within yakih today funkcio bankowska system.

The third factor is money. Resource je. Really, today lquantity banksia system dostatnih. Ostan two and half rocky mi rozmai naglasava lquantity have Deposit certificate the national Bank of ABO derzhavni CNN papery, understanding, scho TSE to dosit hopeless from the point of Zora development of ukraïnskoï economy. Ale online vdova Tim realities, in yakih was perebolela bankowska system.

On sogodni VIN dostatno expensive. Power guilty vicaretti potential reigning Bank for dwellers of zdechovice vartist resource for us bankowska system I do Yogo will dostupnim. Ale for tsogo mi povinn rogatica parallel for CLICOM napryamy: vdoskonalennya th polpenno work pdprimstvo of seredovischa, chaptalia TA rozvytok podalshe Bank.

– If bude mozhna govorito about Taku wapost pdprimstvo sector imogam reformulado banksia system?

Pesni: the Romans Bula duzhe Garneau prikazka: “If no wtru, bertice the oars”. We are often pornnude s Palsey. So, startow posits Buli mayzhe odnako. Ale in 25 years Poland disla to scho in na $480 billion GDP, and we have $90 billion. they Have 3.5 million pgprint, we have zaledwie 2 million – th ti on paper. Chomu? They rate z pdprimstvo login to zagalnogo”Haskovo programs include the learning in the mid-skol, each of voivodstvo got your programa regonline patrici small that serednioho to a b_znes. Fact no chogo chekati. We need it sivsm a different class.

Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, head Prawna Raiffeisen Bank Aval: Jonathan Wetzel (Director McKinsey Global Institute senior partner McKinsey & Co. – Ed.) saying, what drivers for change have Kita Buli vakreste to a b_znes to soundnode world that modernsite. In Ukraine mayzhe 40% economy – tn. TAC figures already niyak not SWAT about vakreste Ukrayinsky to a b_znes to soundnode world. TSE navti not vakreste to nutrio world. The term vbnewline finansowania to a b_znes zaleite from investuvannya powers in polpenno investitsionnogo klimata for to a b_znes. I od, naslite business camp for otkritim world. Z rsname standards otkritost to soundnode the world masowe finansowania economci we don’t swotti.

I iznachalniy other factor, yaky Mauger uplynuti on vbnewline kredituvannya, – vartist pennies. Data currently, oncam Bank, only 30% CLT mozhut obslugovuyuche Prozent rates, although the stench th record nisik. Periana number sectors economci mozhut usati kratkosrochnom loan is a week or two, to msata-two. The fact zbilshennya patenting spodivannya credits great Mira saleit not from to clue, Yak vzhe sogodni creditors, and od to, Yak not creditors.

Factory strategicznych rsen: overcoming Platz, the stakes are less then 12%, resultat 80% economci smooth obslugovuyuche loan.


Erk Naiman, kurouchi partner investicine compan Capital Times: Three way, Yak yaki potribni for vbnewline kredituvannya, so I for development of Ukraine in General.

Firstly, Sudova reform, Yak zajistime right creditors investors. Today Chim bilshe pennies VI posicare ABO Noctua in acconomy Chaptal, Tim blim – rizik h povernennya. In Ukraine not to blame for Buti practice, if “the Borg vdate tilki bagui”.

In another place. I need to zbivat rvna not wise 5% rcnic and potim sorta to seredniaky rwnv – 2%. Together with Plaza itude vartist pennies and, respectively, palpita quality basically. Data currently have in the normal pributku in bsnes has a tendency to snejanna. That little bzness mozhut dozvoliti platiti 20% rcnic for loans.

For zmenshennya Plac power guilty vikonati percocethow the challenge – stablemate derzhavni Finansi, provoditi privatization I smesovaci to share diresctory in the economy, especially the Yak zostala have placesof rocky (2008-2009, 2014-2015). Zbilshennya castke powers – TSE zbilshennya castke monopolism in the economy. Respectively, prices prostiute, if riven Plac in the country of zavedenii.

Tret – TSE makroekonomiczna th politichna stablest. Here mi resumo scho can nichogo not zadeklarowa on the production run. Already Buli sprobe to do something podne from 2013 year, during the presidency of Yanukovych. Nichogo not good waboose, after stablest – naslon reforms. It seversiti VSI Rospechat reform, only then mi zmozhemo, otrymaty NSW quality economy.

Chevk Aguner, Director PR in Ukraine: Ukraine need malgojata postovi climate, that desolatio bankra not boetica kreditovanie business. Bankri mozhut good oceniti finansov riziki, but little hto sale brother myself riziki napereboy. Necessary consoldate the rest Bank.

Ukraine requires struvite seredovischa iz strong regonline the national banksysteme structures. Moreover, the system bankowski guilty Buti Rosanna competition. Ale nivalis – it should be stvarati design development.

The economy Patran dvigun. For example, velik nfrastructure design, that next generatemuch vntrs design for pdprimstvo. Same h smoge kreditovanie bankowski sector. Ale TSE mozhlivo only after the completion privatises, podalshe soundno finansowo Patrice Ukraine that realpac “the Marshall plan”.

Engn Akchakocha, head Naglyadova sake, square member Naglyadova for PrivatBank: Perche, scho need to vbnewline kredituvannya in Ukraine, – Zahist rights creditors. Friend consoldate. Tret – Naka Finansova crisis not be completed without the transition finansovih resursiv from nedobrosovisna bsnes investors to the quiet, that really pragnate pracowali prozora.

Necessary vprovadzhuval sohojewelry system opodatkuvannya. But, moreover, claims Mati shte th efectivo system – zastosuvannya. / main – it should be reorganizati market niepracujacych credits, that data currently hanging tharam on the balance sheets bankowski set.

On ciogodnichnyu day z 800 billion portfolio in corporate sector 56% – h NPL (TA sumnum besyady to povernennya loan. – Ed.). Moreover, 37% ukraïnskoï economci purebeauty have tn. In deyakih oncam, 80% yuridichnih osib in Ukraine lead podvin TST. In principle it is possible sformovat has one portfolio of 800 billion, that data currently nepriyatny for banksky structures. It turns, scho terebovychi on Blu storoni, banks negoatiate finansowania. Scho Mauger sacrafice business, vihodili s tn pracowali legally? Yak, Prakriti finansowania trovo economy?

Markarova: Share trovo economci really big. Ale z borot her, nedostatek lachey posilovace control W side reigning organs. Scho Robit narazi power for zmenshennya Dol tsogo sector in the economy? Paradym TSE incentive for companies, vihodili s tn. For example, zbilshennya kaptelinin wydatki s budget for rozvytok pdprimstvo. Plus kredituvannya prozora basically. We need pokusavati the incentives for quiet, hto Hoca th Mauger. Ale TSE not the challenge one year.

Lavrenchuk: Mi povinn say not about vbnewline kredituvannya, and about those Yakima bi MAV bootie business. Have bankru pokey scho nichogo new vdbase. And suwareh vimoh to CLT, that supervagina at a time, I do not know newt pid hour “scoop”. I hardly TSE Chi smytka. The fact, if say about lberals process have castin management riskami kreditimi operations, no zhodnogo signal, dwellers of rozpoczeli podno discus. Podobaja to a b_znes TSE Chi hi – TSE adnim rank not SMU the situation.

All data currently more bzness nilestown on vid s tn. I think, in scho taqiy situat preferenc s side powers kramim sectors economci ABO klam Buli b parkovima. Same preferenc for prezantimi rates th INSHI. Mi duzhe blisk before the dwellers to go odnoznachno Plaza, duzhe blisk before the dwellers to move up to a rate of 12% grown the less. Bankowski sector is still segmentary. I nevziraya scho Captal was otrimali ABO atzmaut us . NEASPEC have sector no, all the same in banks s s rsnow force NPL.

– From the point Zora stabling development of the country, it should be are Robit bet on rozvytok of domohozyaystv Chi still the corporate sector? Scho Mauger in srednjorocni perspective dati BlsI effect?

Naiman: At first cargo kreditovanie it is quiet, hto sharable Groshi TA story vartist. That is, kreditovanie business. Homo in the case of the TSE prodana captulo.

Markarova: the Recipe is not in crediteven and seloken nazemnyh investici sectori economy, yaki toil eksportni potential, I zblan the expansion. Lachey so we vdastsya stimulate rst economci s 2 to 6%.

– Today, about 40% CLT stargoat scho hochut razvivatsa for rakhunok koshtiv kreditnih. Z 70% saying scho potribni m Doug money on noticin CL. As a rule, data currently have structur portfelj Bank on podn CL pripada 15-20%. Respectively, Vinica great niezadowolenie a Cup of COF, and CE sama those scho story basis for podolskogo development companies. Yak your ACCA?

Aguner: firstly, in Ukraine there is the toll-tak avise Yak corruption. , mozhna tilki podolati splneni DAMI I Uryadov, I gromadyan. Sensouji trovo Economou, mi stimulationa kredituvannya. Then I Ukrainian, I notamn banks resumetime realno fnansowe the situation their potentini Clit. Besides prebacivanja Nadina Clit, stabling Ekonomtsev of seredovischa in derav, towns investoram bankru potribni realm design for kredituvannya. A power zi svogo side is guilty Patrimoine rozvytok pdprimstvo for development of partnerskich reigning rakhunok programme.

– In Ukraine really a little pracujucich pgprint. Yak podolati Qiu trend? Yak to do them potencia KTV Bank for kredituvannya?

Pesni: Want patronati thesis, scho Clit povinn povnistyu Vdovin imogam, that today wauwautosa banksyou system. But in order, dwellers m Vdovin, need to do kolosalnoe will Domashny the robot. Won got booty Yak held by ptpiree, so I Uryadov. Clit, that no sale, Srimati TSI requirements, is guilty razumeti scho omegu have trostan. Data currently Buti rozumim I otkritim for banksia system Vigano. S look around on dosit EORTC requirements schodo FINANSOVOGO mentoring, CLN, that Virchow salicaria in novomu sector economy, bude duzhe soon obmezheniy have features holding newt transactions.

Banks NIN to roblet bets on Mali the education business I have literally Sens, wirewool pgprint. TSE protik programs include, consultec, stvorennya Habu, programs include loyalnost, partners programs include. Tak d oznachayut scho bankowski sector zaccagnini have vdovec imogam Ukrainian pgprint. Chi dostatno lachey our susil? TSE neophane Umov, ale nedostatka. Chomu? Kolosalnoy resource development paprika ntsatsi small th serednioho to a b_znes critise on run muncipality. Mi two rocky pracowali over decentralize, resultat ako MSCI budget was otrimali Felices resource, yakih Nikoli as not drink. The first paradox of the fact scho stink not know, Yak z pracowali them. Stink two ostanni rocky was protrial deposits mayzhe from 15 to 18 billion UAH. Hiba them no program socalo-economcial development of Regioniv? Not stink razumot, kudi vladati TSI Groshi Yak struvite robots msca, Yak, provoditi tender procedure. This slomo stink Pavin scitica. TSE challenge I to banksia system, and for muncipality, and for pgprint. Not gotov today, perehoditi in Blu, legalno area – be gotou to scho VI Sami himself sagenite in Kut.

Moreover, mi povinn swellnet, balance from niepracujacych activw dwellers Mati zmogu razvivatsa.

Yea shte one jahlive figure: 35% ukraïntsiv gotov vichate z Krainy. 65% from them – TSE VCOM people from 18 to 35 years. Only 2% students, that vijali to Polls on navchannya, gotow rotate in Ukraine. The I yakscho not stugemo, utimate h in Ukraine. about govorito scho.

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Tret – TSE makroekonomiczna I politichna stablest. Here mi resumo scho can nichogo not zadeklarowa on the production run. Something podne vzhe namagoose to do at the 2013 year for the period of presidency of Yanukovych. Nichogo not good waboose, after stablest – naslon reforms. It seversiti VSI Rospechat reform, only then mi zmozhemo, otrymaty NSW quality economy.


Capital, the borrower, the money. What is stopping Finance business in Ukraine 11.10.2017

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