High-speed transportation system Hyperloop has a top speed of up to 355 kph, despite the fact that the previous record was 324 km per hour. This was reported by Bi-bi-si.

The system places a Hyperloop capsule in the transport tunnel and pumped out the air, and disperse them to a very high speed.

The developers of the system claim that soon it will be able to reach the speed of 1000 km per hour. And Elon Musk believes that the improvement of the route may already be in the next month to help develop the speed of movement of capsules up to 500 km per hour.

The idea of developing a new transport system Hyperloop first proposed the head of Tesla’s Musk back in 2013. This week on the outskirts of Los Angeles on a special range of length is one mile, the first test trains. The fastest was a train that was built by students from Germany.

20 July 2017 it was reported that the US government has approved the construction of the line Hyperloop vacuum train new York- Washington.

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Capsules Hyperloop Elon musk broke its own speed record 01.09.2017

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