Carbonated mineral water destroys the teeth. Dentists warn that the gas in the drink more acidic than the wine, fruit juice, and even vinegar, reports the Daily Mail.

Mineral water with gas remains the best option compared to other sodas and is often very refreshing. But sparkling water is not as harmless as people think, as it has a very high level of acidity. So, on a scale of acidity level the pH – 3, juice (e.g., Apple) or a smoothie – pH 3,4, wine – pH 3,6, vinegar – pH of 3.6.

According to dentists, the gas bubbles erode tooth enamel and eventually the teeth become painful, yellow and cracked, so it is recommended to drink carbonated mineral water through a straw, so she had no contact with teeth.

23 January 2017, experts from the food standards Agency in the UK said that bread and potatoes should be fried until Golden, not brown, to avoid consumption of acrylamide that can cause cancer.

Carbonated mineral water bad for teeth – dentists 28.04.2017

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