Verkhovna Rada Deputy from BPP Mustafa Cemil voted in favor of the resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which sets out recommendations for Ukraine the new law on education. He said this in comments to Public radio.

“The text of the resolution doesn’t quite satisfy me. Even not satisfied, because there are attacks on the Ukraine. But here our own opinions. Before taking (the education bill – ed.) to the vote, we had to agree with the Venice Commission, and not to do it then, according to the decision of the parliamentary Assembly. Therefore, this error should be corrected. If we want to be a European state, we need to meet European standards,” – said Dzhemilev.

He is the only member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, who supported the document.

“The main thing is that there (in the resolution – ed.) is that this bill should be sent to the Venice Commission, and we have then to bring him in line, so I’m voting for,” – said Dzhemilev.

October 12, PACE adopted a resolution which urged Ukraine to take into account when performing the resonance of the new law on education “without exception,” recommendations of the Venice Commission on this document and to amend the law itself.

The PACE resolution condemns the fact that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on education with revisions to article 7 (language of education) without consultation with representatives of national minorities.

The resolution removed all mention of the fact that learning “exclusively in the minority language”, that is, without the teaching part of the subjects in the Ukrainian language, to the detriment of their children, diminishing their competitiveness on the labour market and complications entry into the universities.

Yesterday a member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Konstantin Usov said that the adoption of the “harmful to Ukraine” amendments to the PACE resolution could be to block, if the meeting of the Committee on education, science and media have not missed one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation Viktor Vovk, thus depriving Ukraine to vote.

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Cemil voted in favour of PACE resolution on the education act 13.10.2017

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