TV guide ZIK calls the cause of presenting suspicion of committing a fatal accident and the potential announcement in the international search of the owner of the TV channel Peter Damanskogo his refusal to “give the TV channel to the authority for three years.” This is stated in an official statement released by the channel today, December 15.

ZIK claims that such a proposal recently to Dimensao, who is now abroad, appealed on behalf of the Administration of the President MP of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Gleb zagoriy with his wife Catherine.

“It was after this unsuccessful attempt of raider started another manipulation of public opinion by law enforcement agencies about the involvement Damanskogo to the accident”, – stated the TV channel.

18 Aug 2017 on the highway Lviv-Krakovets, near the village of yamel’nya car owner of FC Karpaty Peter Damanskogo got in an accident in which a young woman died. The culprit pleaded the security guard of businessman Andrew Borsch, who usually travels by motorcade to the car guard of the businessman. Relatives of the deceased claim that driving a Mercedes was himself Dyminsky, and the Soup took the blame.

Later, the investigation received evidence that the driver of the Mercedes was definitely not a guard. The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that an examination of the DNA from the airbag in the car showed that the guard was not driving at the time of the accident.

12 December Genpokuratury reported that the court gave permission for the detention Damanskogo. Before that, the police reported to him about suspicion in Commission of an accident.

Channel ZIK says the attempt of raiding 15.12.2017

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