At the end of September in the Chinese province of Hubei in the operation have launched the largest and most powerful salvage lift in the world. On it informs TV channel CCTV.

The Elevator was built on the world’s largest dam and hydroelectric power station “Three gorges”, which is located on the Yangtze river.

Heavy duty Elevator connecting the upper and lower tiers of the dam, capable of lifting small and medium vessels weighing about 3 tons to a height of 113 meters. The weight of the boat hoist, which is about 16 tons.

It is noted that the lift allowed the ships to cut a path for the ascent to the upper level of the Yangtze to 40 minutes. Early on a break of the dam at the small ships would spend three to four hours.

Video: CCTV

China has built a lift that can lift three thousand tons: video 23.09.2016

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