Today at 02:30 Kyiv time in the framework of the Chinese space program into orbit was launched the manned spacecraft Shenzhou-11 (the”Sacred canoe”) with two astronauts on Board. Taikonaut have to spend on the orbital laboratory for 33 days, stated in the message service Bi-bi-si.

The launch at the cosmodrome Jiuquan in the Gobi desert, the satellite was placed in orbit at an altitude of 393 km carrier rocket Changzheng-2F (the”Great trek”).

Aboard is a crew of 49-year-old commander Jing Hapana and his 37-year-old partner Chen Tung. Jing Hypen flew into space for the third time, Chen Dong in the first. The crew will conduct medical, scientific and other experiments.

In the plans of China landing people on the moon and launch an unmanned spacecraft to Mars with landing on the surface of the probe for sampling soil and atmosphere. According to the Chinese program to build the space station, the next module Tiangong-3 – will lead to the orbit by 2022.

In 1970 China launched its first artificial Earth satellite.

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China orbited two cosmonauts in the “sacred canoe” 17.10.2016

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