A moratorium on the payment of accounts payable will help the Company to regain control of the assets. It says Naftogaz of Ukraine, commenting on the adoption of the relevant law by the Verkhovna Rada.

“A moratorium on the payment of accounts payable will help the Company to regain control over at least part of the lost assets, to establish control over the ship, which is located in Mexico, as well as to operate independently of Small gas field after the termination of the contract on joint activity Layer, which is the operator SD”, – is told in the message of Naftogaz.

It is also noted that the company will be able to obtain permits for the development of new deposits or be a contractor for execution of works on development of the fields, the permissions are owned by Naftogaz.

“After the stabilization of the financial situation Chernomorka will have the opportunity to restructure debts and begin settlement with creditors”, – said in Naftogaz.

According to the NAC, to date, the Company filed claims from creditors for more than 500 million UAH. Open 50 enforcement proceedings, where the company is a debtor for a total amount of about 240 million UAH and arrests on assets and property of the company. The Bank account arrested by the creditors.

It is reported that about 95% of the debt of the company accounted for Naftogaz. At the time, the NAC gave an interest-free loan for the purchase of drilling rigs and boats. But to bankrupt the company trying owners of 5% of other debt, said the Naftogaz.

“At the same time, Russia continues illegal extraction of natural gas from nine fields, including four located on the Black sea shelf and in the exclusive economic zone of Ukraine, two – on the shelf of the Azov sea and three on land,” said Naftogaz.

The company says that the preservation of the company is important because it acts as a co-plaintiff with Naftogaz in arbitration of the Russian Federation about the loss of assets in Crimea

We will remind, on the eve of the Verkhovna Rada has introduced a moratorium on the debt of the company (bill N5730). The moratorium is imposed until January 1, 2019. During the period of moratorium staying the enforcement proceedings and enforcement of court decisions.

Last year, the Kiev economic court of appeal overturned the decision of Economic court of the capital on the commencement of proceedings for bankruptcy of the company. The decision of the court of first instance was rendered on the application of the commercial structure, which the company owed for the equipment supplied in 2012, about 418 thousand UAH.

After Russia’s annexation of the Peninsula by local separatists declared the property of the Crimea’s continental shelf, and property of the company. In particular, after the beginning of the occupation, the company has lost the support vessel and crane installation vessel with a total cost of $12.8 million

The office of the company was one oil and six gas fields. In addition to oil and gas company engaged in exploration and drilling offshore Black and Azov seas.

Earlier it was reported that the company has established control over the production of gas from wells Streltsovskoe field in Henichesk district, Kherson region.

Chornomornaftogaz will be able to recover some of the assets of Naftogaz 19.05.2017

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