The Deputy Tatyana Chornovil says that criminal proceedings on the fuel procurement, the defence Ministry opened for her statement, which had been tampered with. She announced this in comments to journalists, the correspondent of

“I submitted the application to the NEB concerning the purchase of the form “Varan”. This statement was attributed, not to me, the phrase on the procurement of fuel,” she said.

Chornovil also said that it ordered. “The fuel was purchased at the lowest price. Natspolitsiya bought two hryvnia more expensive,” she explained. The Deputy has informed that is ready to take the detainee in this case the head of the procurement Department of the Ministry of defense Vladimir Gulevich on bail.

“I clearly know that this is fabricated, clearly know that this case is customized, and not just for the reason that I said it, but because it is supposedly brought on my application. That is, in the documents of the case clearly appears that the case initiated at the request of the people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol. But I will say that this statement did not concern the purchase of fuel in 2016, and pertains to the purchase of the form “Varan” MO, where indeed there were violations, there was a real crime and the damage. But someone attributed this statement the purchase of fuel in 2016. I’m dealing with a clear falsification of my statements,” she told the correspondent of 112 Ukraine.

Adviser communications SAP Yaroslav Gordievich commented to the correspondent statement Chornovil: “law enforcement record production, on the basis of any available information… i.e. if there is no intellectual property of the applicant, he is not the owner of the process”.

The question, for what purpose, in his opinion, the cascade makes such statements, Gordievich said that “any high-profile productions PR all”.

Unfortunately, the press service of NABOO, which, according to Gordievich, recorded this production, the call of the correspondent has not responded.

11 Oct 2017 NABU and SAP was detained on suspicion of corruption in fuel procurement Deputy head of the Ministry of defense Igor Pavlovsky and the head of the procurement Department of the Ministry Vladimir Gulevich. Officials suspected of embezzlement of more than 149 million hryvnias.

Later it became known that the suspect in this case reported two more officials of the Ministry of defense.

Chornovil: the Case of the defense Ministry openly false statement 13.10.2017

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